Stay safe, Stay Connected with Huawei Wi-Fi 6 Solutions

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Connectivity is essential for successful digital transformation, which is an unavoidable way for enterprises to move towards the future intelligent world. In Northern Africa Region, Huawei is not only an advocate of digital transformation but also a positive practitioner. Huawei aims to build an open, cooperative, and sharing platform with full array of Wi-Fi solutions that ensure comprehensive coverage under different scenarios so enterprises can stay safe and ahead of the trend.

 Michael Li, President of Huawei Northern Africa Region, Enterprise Business Group

Nowadays in Northern Africa, Enterprises are seeking to change things up by adopting ground-breaking technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), automation, smart cities, robotics, Internet of Things and more. Getting a step ahead, however, is not always easy. Change is difficult to foresee. If an innovation merely follows old ways of doing things, it may not help to make a big-enough leap.

Take networks for example. We need good connectivity for all the innovative, technological wonders in AI, cool storage and data centric to operate at their highest levels, as well as productivity to be continually boosted. Wi-Fi is a great fit for a wireless campus.

Business Needs Drive Changes of Technological Requirements

Introduced more than two decades ago, Wi-Fi has gone through major upgrades every four to five years, along with demand for more bandwidth and capacity. On top of these two basic requirements, a fully wireless campus needs stable, continuous signal coverage, low-latency service assurance, and lossless roaming to deliver fiber-like speeds and performance that is on a par with wired networks.

Therefore, solutions with flexibility are ideal for enterprises of varying sizes. For instance, small- and medium-sized campuses will find Wi-Fi 6 to be the best solution for catering high volumes of data transmission. For larger enterprises requiring high data density yet with light infrastructure, Wi-Fi 6 helps to magnify bandwidth and capacity.

As a customer-centric ICT company, Huawei always thinks ahead to get ready for the future by leveraging its ample experience with its partners across different industries. This mindset has driven Huawei to develop the game changing AirEngine Wi-Fi 6. This cutting-edge technology is created to redefine connectivity for businesses, education institutions, and factory floors.

Innovative Collaboration to Guarantee Full Connectivity

Wi-Fi 6 will substantially change the course of digital transformation in enterprises, taking capacity and bandwidth to an unprecedented level, while also delivering an ideal user experience and superb service stability. As mobile offices become a new normal, connectivity has increasingly become important for all sectors.

As a leading contributor in Northern Africa, Huawei leverages its unique 5G technologies to offer outstanding solutions in with AirEngine Wi-Fi 6. The fast and always-on network gives enterprises a completely new model to operate their businesses. This helps to improve collaboration, communication efficiency, and speeds up the innovation process. Staff members, meanwhile, are set to be more productive as they are can be free from the cables while still being effectively connected anywhere.

Partnership is important to ensure the delivery of quality wireless campus networks across different sectors. On this front, Huawei will continue its collaboration with partners to bring in more advanced solutions. After all, staying connected is a basic requirement for doing business today.


Based on the new challenges we are facing in 2020, Huawei are honored to play our part in this period of momentous intelligent development in Northern Africa. With Huawei Wi-Fi 6 solutions,

Stay safe, Stay Connected.

About the author:

Michael Li, President of Huawei Northern Africa Enterprise Business Group. He work for Huawei over 21 years, expert of ICT technologies and digital transformation of top vertical industry. In the past 7 years, he has been promoting digital transformation in the Northern Africa region and guiding over 100 large-scale digital projects such as Government, Oil & Gas in many African countries such as Cameroon solar agro electric power project, Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire) government digitalization, and smart cities in Egypt and Morocco.

Last modified: September 27, 2020

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